Late Quaternary climate change impacts on microfauna of central eastern Queensland.

Project: In a collaborative project led by Dr Julien Louys (UQ Postdoctoral Fellow within the School), we are examining the response of small-bodied faunas (snails, frogs, lizards, small mammals and birds) to long-term climate and environmental perturbations through the late Quaternary (last 40 thousand years). Literally thousands of fossils have been excavated from the fossil deposit within Colosseum Chamber, a cave in the Mt Etna region of central easternQueensland. The fossils require sorting into both skeletal elements and taxonomic classes for subsequent palaeoecological analyses. Opportunities exist for students to assist in the task.

Supervisors: Dr Julien Louys, Dr Gilbert Price, Dr Kenny Travouillon.


Megafaunal extinction on the Darling Downs, southeastern Queensland.

Project: A new megafaunal site was discovered on the Darling Downs in 2011. Preliminary excavations have uncovered numerous fossils, from turtles to kangaroos. Amongst the new finds is the skull of a Diprotodon– one of the largest specimens of its kind ever discovered. Opportunities exist for student to assist in the sieving and sorting of fossils from the sediments excavated from the site.

Supervisors: Dr Gilbert Price